Saturday, July 26, 2008

CT Scan

Well, I had a CT Scan for my head a few weeks back. I hit my head on the metal side of a venthood at work and was feeling pretty bad, so the doctor told me to get one. The interesting thing about that is I've hit my head so many times that I've always wondered what a CT scan would reveal.

I have had several head injuries that were at least mild concussion level. I once fell out of a barn and landed on my head. I was once knocked unconcious during a self-defense class (believe it or not, I was helping train in the class - some people learn too well!). I was kicked in the face during a sparring match and suffered a broken cheekbone and my worst concussion; three weeks later I cracked the back of my head against a wooden armrest. After that one, I really started noticing funny things, like memory loss.

Well, with this latest one, I went to the ER after I hit my head and the doctor pretty much just sent me on my way after completely ignoring my symptoms (thank you, hospital that is not Phoebe in Albany, GA). But the next day I felt absolutely horrible. So a CT scan.

Good news - the brain scan was negative! The (other) doctor said that everything was normal. I had once been told by a doctor in passing that I should studiously avoid any activity that could lead to more head injuries. She even said that more could potentially be fatal! Well, no need to worry about that now. Even though I am suffering from post-concussion syndrome (ahhh, headaches, I missed y'all), I don't have to limit my activities to the less-than-dangerous. As long as I don't get blistering headaches from something, I'm free!

So, you know what this means, right? Hello, sparring!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

9 months

Wow, time flies. It's been 9 months since I've updated this thing! And it's not like it's been a boring 9 months. It has been busy, especially with work. I've been kinda burying myself sometimes in both work and the church. And with a new baby on the way, 9 months is a good theme for this post.

That's right, we have a new baby on the way! I am kinda hoping for a girl this time. Since our first child (DJ) is a boy, I'd like to complete the set ;-) Because we didn't find out if DJ was a boy or girl until he was born, we had both boy and girl names picked out. We are not planning on finding out the sex of this baby either. So the only name we had to decide on was a boy's name. So, if the baby is a girl her name will be Christianne Marie Sapp, and if the baby is a boy his name will be Daniel Stephen Sapp. Also, because we don't want to call our baby an "it", we have a nickname for him or her. We called DJ "Kiddo" while Kellie was pregnant with him, and this baby we are calling "Scoot." I was called "Scooter" a lot as a kid (of course), and Kellie's parents called her "Scoot" as a kid, so the nickname just fit.

Anyway, Scoot is due sometime in January, so I guess I'll update progress! And some cool things have happened lately; I plan on writing a few more posts soon.