Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

Well, we're finally taking the plunge.

We're buying a house!

My wife has been asking me about buying for more than a year. I didn't think we could afford it until she proved me wrong. Guess I should have listened!

Anyway, we have been looking for a couple months now, but we kept coming back to one that we really liked. To be honest, we kept coming back to two th
at we really liked. I liked one better and Kellie liked one better.

The funny thing is, I've always gotten "feelings" about houses. Whenever I walk into a house I can tell if I'll live there. I don't know how, I try not to listen to it, I try to be fair about other places, but somehow I know. I just feel at home and can immediately see us and our stuff there.

Well, the house I liked better was the one I was more comfortable in. So I really thought about it before talking to Kellie about it, because I wanted to listen to her opini
on and not just make a HUGE decision based on my feelings alone. But this house would also end up being cheaper, as well.

Long story short, when I finally decided to share my thoughts with her, she was fine with it. So we put in an offer the next day and it was accept
ed the day after that! We put in what we considered to be a fair offer but expected it to at least be countered. I really think that God is helping us in this effort. Anyway, I'll share a few photos and leave it at that! We're super excited about moving into a house of our own in a gorgeous part of town. May God bless us and our house, that all may be used for His glory and renown. Amen.

Friday, September 11, 2009

busy, busy, busy

I haven't posted up here in over a month. And it's not because nothing is happening, it's just that this is one of the things I have trouble remembering to do. A lot of times I have plenty of thoughts I'd like to get down, but by the time I get home I've forgotten them.

So I'm going to be trying a couple new things. One is (perhaps) recording some video blogs. I have a small video machine and I have an iPhone 3G(S) that records video, so if I have a stray thought that's rant-worthy I'm going to try to record it.

I'm also trying to remember to take my notebook with me wherever I go so I can write. Now, you need to understand - I'm not a writer. I don't think I'm very good at it. My style of writing isn't especially poetic or lyrical or even Twitter-ific. When I blog I tend to get all my thoughts on a subject out as quickly as possible. As vulgar as this may sound, my type of writing should be described as cathartic, because it's more like vomiting via written word. There is just something I have to get out, and I type until it's out. I rarely edit what I write; that was something I had to learn in English class and I still did it sparingly. I just type (or write) until there's nothing left. It amazes me that some people seem (to me) to write as an artist doodles - they just do it for fun. I can't do that. So if I take my notebook with me, it's more to take notes on my thoughts and maybe record a certain phrase that I know will spur me to pontificate (I keep using that word lately, I don't know why. Although it could have something to do with the fact that I started wondering the other day if the etymology of it comes from "pontiff.").

Anyway, I do like to keep up with things that are going on and wish I did a better job. I also wish that Blogger had an iPhone app that made it much easier, like WordPress does. Then I would just blog from airplanes and airports and cars and lunch and all the interesting places that I've gotten to go to this year.

So here's to keeping up. Now I just need to start working out, too!

P.S. I may need to post on Detroit - went there a couple weeks ago and really thought it was interesting!